About us

uniNET is a new concept in industrial laundry that originates in Valencia to provide a solution to the hygiene and food safety demands of companies in the food sector.

Workwear is an integral part of a company’s image and hygiene culture, both for the company itself and its employees. Hence, the importance of ensuring that the laundry service meets the requirements and needs of the food industry to produce safe food for consumers and remain competitive in the global market.

We are aware of the responsibility and risks associated with our activity, and that is why uniNET aims to be a partner and ally to the agri-food industries. We collaborate through laundry and rental services, as well as hygiene promotion campaigns.

We are the specialized industrial laundry for the food sector.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and reference industrial laundry for companies in the agri-food sector.

Our Mission

To provide agri-food companies with a sanitization service that meets their standards of quality and food safety.

Our Strength

Being at the forefront of global food requirements and regulations to support our customers in safety and competitiveness.